Do they need fish?

Story about teaching fishery.

I often share this story to my friends and also write it down to my blog but in Thai because it is very good example for helping people.

The story start by we want to help people and what method do we use?First, we give them fish but they can eat that in a very short time and if fish finish they will come back to use again.

Second, give them a knowledge that is fishery and they can use for fishing forever.

Many people or most of people just think like this. But Max share to us the very big word is “Do they need fish?” We never think about very big question like this before.

After this question we share a lot and we compare with three words.

The way we give them fish we compare with ‘welfare’ then the way we give them knowledge or you can say we teach them we compare with ‘development’ and the last way that we got from a big question we compare with ‘transformation’.

I usually share this story to my colleague, my co-worker also my friends because it is very good story and easy to understand that is mean if we want to help whoever we have to ask them first ‘Do you need this?’ is will help us help them at the right things.

It is the most important for social worker especially for authority stage to design about stage policy to support their people have life better.


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